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NDE course participants

rivers of Light. oceans of Merit. Significant Wisdom. Changing. There are so many answers,          and questions unasked. A room is full of treasures         and the Light Gleams. leaves are falling down         on dewy grass. And the Love bug         resides here. All round the world, Significance. All over the Earth Coursing,( like rivers) Trees Uniting. when the wind    gets in the covers(bedclothes) and dancing     gets in the blood and angel escapes      like breath( from the Mouth) and the song begins and when the star is fading another sun arises an other Light. another Plane will open up and Wealth, Good Fortune. when the mist comes through the mountains and nights begin to fall when trees are losing leaves when aching heart retires. There you will find me waiting( for you), the Tenderness. a large bowl, the Sky, a great feast, the Peace. many little distractions Much purpose.

for Sienna age 5- many smiles.

when you walk amongst the flowers  and trees and listen to the song of the birds and frogs and breathe the smell of the sea where might you be? an angel is listening to your singing and smiles many smiles.  💃

for Rockie age 4- Balance.

in the morning                          when you wake a sun is shining                      the sky is blue in the evening                           comes the stars a Day is done. All is in Balance and so is this Day. 😀

Wedding blessing; Panorama;

A lamp is lit ( now, finally) A flame rises up(a calling) A new dance has begun ( bye bye old one) Long shadows, long clouds, ’veils of the heart   wisdom. And the stream carries (two as one)   down to the wide sea Panorama.

The Shining

The beginning was to turn, then turn again. down comes the peace. down comes the Passion in the trees and in the stars the Shining.

The Outbreak;

  It was the best of times ,                        it was the Outbreak. There was a constance,                and desire for warmth                                                      by fires. Luck(?) arrived slowly,                 as the days arrive slowly                          tentacles of fog                                  in the wind, and it was               all                lit                    up.

for Alison

Era by era; The path is long and clear. It goes down to the sea, where the moon shines and a fish jumps. A mountain gives birth to an era, and the trees are their records. this night this day. this life.

for sandrine

Sleeps Going on past the flowers                and the road winds. A rose appears, and disappears. Magic is in the air,          and in the pool. A quiet angel sings, and all the world sleeps.

for Amber; transition

When the world was round ,               and hearts were square,   everything was not as it is,   An article of faith                     resumed tirelessly   rolling out grace, Sometimes a transition is offensive, a chore,   Sometimes a gift, a shore, Then all the birds sing                          and dance comes easy. A peaceful Way              prospers the Great. Though frought with frost                          forwardness is ongoing and blessing is attained. For   Amber

fro Tlai age 15 Radiance.

A master awaits      inside of you, as you open      as a clam opens                  to breathe. This instigation                    begins              Unfolding   as petals on a rose   or waves on sea                breathing life                        into a Day,         or Sunrise, for Talia age 15.

for bree; Great fortune,

as you walk by               flowers nod                    in greeting, a river winds its way             to the sea, a gull calls     as it flies   an angel     alights on a rock Great fortune. For Bree.

A girl called ‘Muve’

when she walks                 rain falls as   teardrops, lightning gathers                in its residency ready to unleash like a spell              past cast. and a snake waits.                    its venom waits for the uncoiling                 in the dance that brings Grace,                  Transmutation                              and thunder.

A girl called “Flowers”

She comes with colors in the morning light, and in the evening, when the moon is full. She brings me warmth. She brings gifts. They are the flowers , and the colors. I follow her with my eyes as she glides        from spot to spot as a bee but with a wand that brings to life the shades.

Civilisation of Light.

  In the times,          gone past rose a wellspring of Light,                 furiously generating,                         weaving and enmeshing                issuing forth. A New World was born,                  a new respect. Out of Nothing poured Love, poured Truth, poured Freedom. Machineries of Light               came into existence manifold treasures                        moving in a sea awash with Life. Heart was poured out                and the Creator was proud. It is still there,                  yours for the taking.

Olivia 8 months

A river and a valley,   up     and     down, up we go, down we go in      and      out, over    and      around ( developing spatial orientation and awareness of growth.)

for Cathy

in the valley of the departed by the stream of the brilliant in the heart of the sun’s shine,   journeys the maid                          and her honor. an owl cries out. a dog barks.   and the moon sways.

for Chase age 3 years

in the end,          and in the beginning,   in the swaying                 of the limbs                              in the trees a sled goes by            and a rain falls dowm   and a boy laughs.

for Bree, mother of Olivia and Chase.

river of joy. grass is so green   as   I lay me down to the Earth. I   bow   to the moon and stars   above. I give my Respect. Breath comes so easily, ceaselessly                                  and rhythmically.


in the end all things are created equal. one day, a dozen days. angels give birth , and fly. the moon gives joy, and mysteries. a soul sings in the prayer                                            and the hands light up.

for Angel age 8 months

A day goes by,                       a sun, an egg hatches,   an angel sings. Can you hera the angel singing?   Can you sing her song? Al ashes   (this is a song to sing to her).