Brumby sanctuary spirit ( a prayer)

Great wisdom,
on winds.

flow of eternities
in the airs.

rose of great blessing
in the sun.

green of greengrass
on the earth.

horse heaven.



to the future.


for Louise- Heart

I shall become you
in the time
most foremost.
When the sands are running long
 and the shadows play.
Where dreams come true, and last.
And the Great Spirit walks regally
and proud.
You and I shall dance
the times
and efforts
and grave concerns
and find their true nature,
beyond ken, beyond kin.

and the waves will come down,
smashing and changing and shifting and cleansing,
waves of great Light following
waves of wonder with singing
waves of Significance.


for Felicity age 7

As I lay my head
upon the pillow,
a nice surprise
enfolds me,
as loving arms, warm heart
and fresh eyes.

I lay upon my pillow
and the ice melts,
 and the candle flickers
and the long hot day

 I dream of nights
with birds of coolness,
glowing embers from the fire,
and mistletoe.

a light shines from across a distant valley
glimpsing and changing
like a long lost message.

Oh could I find my way,
in this parade.

All around I look
but caring remains,

and I fold up my easel,
for  a new day is breaking
on the sands of my time.

for helen; Neverending

In prayers there are answers,
so many answers,
coming from within.

a being could be overwhelmed by those,
day-in day-out.

But the peace one finds in the River,
has no end,
or beginning.

it just goes on and on
and on,


Spirit of Gold

All colors come out of the Sun,
rising and falling in cadence.

in one long last look
it sighs,
home is so rich, so pure.

I am just a small atom coming
from a big source,

but I am Gold.

Spirit of Mallacoota (town in Victoria).

Love graces the Day,
in the early morning mists.

A cicada is born
and the world begins its song.

In nurturing and in insistence
Time gives its meaning,

and it all flows on.


and Forgiving.

for Michael , on his birthday 20th October 2013; 66


Peace and Satisfaction.

Choirs of Angels singing,

Basking in the Sun and shades.
Listening to the wind and Waves.
Singing of the Love.

These are special moments
on the Walk and Talk
of a Life
completing itself.
Complete in itself.

Messages; Aboriginal . Graves. abound. There.

Two times tango (message on the airwaves)

Poem for grandfathers.

A space was between.
Flowers were prayers.
A life was in construction,
and all the the petals were shining.
Lo and behold.

Poem for my father; Redemption Redemption

to the Light
is good Fortune.

in the Light
is Truth.

journey goes on
into Light

Laughter is
a scent
across Time

for Riley age 4

 A child sleeps in the arms
of a good

She holds him
with her heart,
strokes his brow
and says
'I am here.
with you.

She sings
all night
until he wakes.

A day begins.


Poem for Mt Baldie

There is a bend in the day
as you walk
on this, Time's mountain.

There is eating,
there is merry,
there is crimson
there is dawn.

I go,
not ashamed
of the fire,
in thy core.

Today there are leaves,
there are trees,
there are rivers.
Many times they have come
over Ages.

But I sit here
in mysolitary,
and the fire burns.
 I am warm.

Poem for Nattalie

in the origin of things,
a small flower
is a bright light,

a tiny rose
has  a great spirit,

and a leave, as it falls,
has a loud sound,
on the wind.

Each moment is like a drop,
that makes a life an ocean,

and each heart swells
with the Love,
to be Mighty.

poem for my knee #2

a lake, by the sea.
a wind that follows.
sunny days and houses,
fishing and flowers.

Magnolia poem- called; As I look around.

As I look around;

They danced with Joy,
little children,
around and around they went.

Lights were in the shining,
and the trees would grow so tall.

an angel,with a  gift , would carry me
the deep blue

I landed
in this harbour,
and i wonder

As i look around.

Wonga Beach -angel poem; an angel gives a life.

poem title; An angel gives a life.

I have in my hand
a great jewel.
it is a life,
living and breathing.

I cast it to the wind.
it begins its journey,
ebbing and flowing
in the sands
of Time.

to take up residence

and serve so well.

Pali Lookout -angel; This Greatness.

To sing of sweeter things,
of times gone by.

to understand
     the shifting airs
where birds fly,

to appoint the truth
     to be law-maker.

to live
     in the peaceful dome
              Blue Sky.

Ancestors would wish this.
                and covet,

and those before,
            and before,

who came
       and pondered
            this greatness.

This Greatness.

Lia angel; New Ways,Leaves.

A day begins.
in questions.
an answer is in the air.
the veil has been parted.
Many veils.

so begins the peaces
that stretch
way beyond
 outer limits.

New smiles are beginning.
New ways.

Monea #3; Time-eternal.

She gives her blessing.
I drink her flower.
a bird to the nectar.

the stars all light up.
she knows their way,
and the essence
of Dew

In the Light
I gather

for the Love
that is
to be.
She is waiting.
                                                            Time- eternal.