for Amber; transition

When the world was round ,
              and hearts were square,
 everything was not as it is,
An article of faith
 rolling out

Sometimes a transition is offensive, a chore,
 Sometimes a gift, a shore,

Then all the birds sing         
               and dance comes easy.
A peaceful Way
             prospers the Great.
Though frought with frost
                         forwardness is ongoing
and blessing is attained.

For  Amber

fro Tlai age 15 Radiance.

A master awaits
     inside of you,
as you open
     as a clam opens
                to breathe.
This instigation  
 as petals on a rose
 or waves on sea
               breathing life
                      into a Day,
        or Sunrise,

for Talia age 15.

for bree; Great fortune,

as you walk by
             flowers nod
                   in greeting,
a river winds its way
            to the sea,
a gull calls
  as it flies
 an angel  
  alights on a rock
Great fortune.
For Bree.

A girl called ‘Muve’

when she walks
               rain falls as  teardrops,
lightning gathers
              in its residency
ready to unleash
like a spell
             past cast.
and a snake waits.
                  its venom waits
for the uncoiling
               in the dance
that brings Grace,
                             and thunder.

A girl called “Flowers”

She comes with colors
in the morning light,
and in the evening,
when the moon is full.
She brings me warmth.
She brings gifts.
They are the flowers , and the colors.
I follow her with my eyes
as she glides
       from spot to spot
as a bee
but with a wand
that brings to life
the shades.

Civilisation of Light.

In the times,
         gone past
rose a wellspring of Light,
                furiously generating,
                       weaving and enmeshing
               issuing forth.

A New World was born,
                a new respect.
Out of Nothing poured Love,
poured Truth,
poured Freedom.

Machineries of Light
              came into existence
manifold treasures
in a sea
awash with Life.

Heart was poured out
               and the Creator was proud.

It is still there,
                 yours for the taking.

Olivia 8 months

A river
and a valley,
 up    and    down,
up we go, down we go
in    and     out,
over   and    around

( developing spatial orientation and awareness of growth.)

for Cathy

in the valley of the departed
by the stream of the brilliant
in the heart of the sun’s shine,
 journeys the maid 
                       and her honor.
an owl cries out.
a dog barks.
 and the moon sways.

for Chase age 3 years

in the end,  
       and in the beginning,

 in the swaying
                of the limbs
                            in the trees

a sled goes by
          and a rain falls dowm

 and a boy laughs.

for Bree, mother of Olivia and Chase.

river of joy.

grass is so green
 as  I lay me down
to the Earth. I  bow
 to the moon and stars

I give my Respect.

Breath comes so easily,
                                 and rhythmically.


in the end all things are created

one day, a dozen days.

angels give birth , and fly.

the moon gives joy, and mysteries.

a soul sings in the prayer            
                              and the hands light up.

for Angel age 8 months

A day goes by,
                     a sun,
an egg hatches,
 an angel sings.
Can you hera the angel singing?
 Can you sing her song?

Al ashes  (this is a song to sing to her).

for Sahand.

in the Light  
 wave after wave,

and the Light
          is embracing,          

Know the essence  
                          of Self.
Know the essence
                      of all things,
Know the maker,

and Be, 
       the Life


for Kaaren, Crucifying angel

Future Angels Now.

Time does not exist. We are defined by our birth and the timeline that goes from birth to death. There is no way we can have death then go to birth. But we can have a rebirth, and a near death experience.
But a timeline does exist that goes from death to birth and that is the one our guardian angel is approaching us from. We expect to meet them after our death when we go to heaven but that heaven can be now.
That timeline is a parallel timeline but an opposite direction. It is a counter-timeline.

When we are at peace with ourselves, then we can enter into both timelines at once. The past to the future, and the future to the past.
In this way we can ‘remember’ our future, and so it will no longer be a Grand Mystery nor shall we fear it but embrace it in acceptance.

As we enter into the timeline of an angel the gifts it has for us, as we transition, we can receive. There are many gifts. Many more than at Christmas. And as we use them in our lives we can be fulfilled, and we come into our being.

The Universe has no clocks, only cycles. This is a perspective.

for Juelei

when the sun comes up over the hill
and gentle rain begins to fall,
one begins to see the transitions.
the grass is greener.
the sky is bluer.
the smile is bigger.
the heart is singing.
    and alive.